2013….It’s Been Great…

2013 has come to a close and not without its ups and downs in everyone’s personal lives, but also much controversy in all ends of the universe we live in. The biggest being the Zimbabwe Presidential elections (we all know how that went), Prophet Makandiwa and Angel’s “miracles“, and Pokello and Stunner’s sex tape, which I am almost ashamed to admit, was the most read/searched for post on this site, smh.

On a more personal note, the readership on the site has gone up tremendously, 3 times the readers I had in 2012 and I truly appreciate you all. More contests and giveaways are in the works for 2014, I can promise you that.

To better align myself with the site and give you a name that is more easier to remember, I have changed the name of the site to Melo’s Mind. It goes without saying, this post will be the final one on this site, for more exciting reads, head over to www.melosmind.com 

You can follow the site’s social pages on:

Twitter – @melosmind

Instagram - MelosMind

Facebook Page info will follow soon….check you Facebook notifications.

Thank you once again for passing by or being a regular reader on the site and look forward to seeing you on Melo’s Mind. (www.melosmind.com)



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